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Silicon acrylic facade colour


Sefab silikon is one ingredient, maleable facade material based on acrylic silicon modified dispersion. It is suitable for outdoor use. Colour shades are available by use of foreign made colour – Clariant fast pigments. It stays very firmly attached to silicate surfaces. It is resistant against rain water (washable), it has low diffusion resistance, and a life of at least 20 – 25 years. This product is also environmentally friendly.


Suitable surfaces are lime-cement plasters, concrete, brizolit, and cement-chip boards. It is used to create coloured layers in places with higher dust and smog levels, where the product is more resistible than normally used facade paints. The paint is not suitable for constantly wet surfaces, calcareous grouts, front coatings, or for weather-worn plasters.

Preparation of the surface (penetration)

New surfaces must be dry and carbonized (min. 4 – 6 weeks). Penetration paint and two paints made with Sefab silikon colour are used as a surface preparation. Penetration is performed by adulterated acrylic dispersion Sokrat 2802, and copolymer impregnating preservative S 1862, S 1865 at 1 (dispersion) to 4 (water) ratio. 1 (dispersion) to 5 (water) ratio is used on new, more firm, liquid absorbing surfaces.

Surface coating

First painting must be done at least 4 hours after penetration by brush, paint-roller, or spray-gun. Second painting can be done at least 12 hours after first painting. Temperature of the air during the work and drying of the paint must be at least + 5*C.

Storage and transportation

Product is stored in original containers, which are protected from frost, temperature changes and direct sunlight. Warranty is 6 months if all conditions of storage and transportation are met. Warranty is valid from the date of production. Product is used directly, not mixed with the same product of a different shade. It is manufactured in 43 basic shades or in an ordered shade, according to a given sample. The product is approved by the State Test Authority 224 (ITC Zlin).

Packing 5, 15, 25 kg

Basic technical parameters

Adhesiveness to concrete Min. 0,8 Mpa
Adhesiveness 0,5 Mpa
Water tightness Max 0,1 l.m2
Frost resistance Min 25 cycles
Wet wear Min. 60 min.
Diffusion 0,2 m
Average consumption 0,4 - 0,5 kg/m2 for 2 coats

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