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Silicate façade paint


SEFAB® SILIKÁT is a one-component, water soluble façade paint for exterior and interior surfaces. It consists of a mixture of inorganic pigments and fillers, dispersed in water glass with addition of hydrophobization agents, additives and fungicides. The SEFAB® SILIKÁT façade paint does not form a classical film, as other types of paints, after the application, but reacts chemically with the foundation where it forms a very fine crystal structure. The paint shows low diffusion resistance and very good coverage. Higher alkali environment of this paint partially acts as a disinfectant on the foundation. It is characterized by good adhesion to mineral foundations and, unlike the older types of silicate colors, the paint has better resistance against wear, water tightness, and a min. lifetime of 20 – 25 years. The color shades are made pursuant to the Sefab color cards, or pursuant to the template supplied by the customer. The paint is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


The most suitable surfaces are smooth lime-cement, cement, polymer-cement plasters and aeroconcrete. The minimal cohesion of the foundation is 0.25 Mpa. New plasters must be mature (carbonated) and be minimally moist. The paint is not suitable for plasterboard and plaster surfaces.

Foundation preparation

The foundation must be carefully prepared in advance. Old paints – lime, dispersion and glue paints – must be removed using a wire brush or steel scraper. Oily surfaces must be washed using washing detergent. Old, non-cohesive plasters must be removed and fixed using a new lime-cement plaster and allowed at least one month to mature.

Priming and surface treatment

The prepared dry and clean foundation should be primed by water glass diluted in ratio 1:4, or the façade paint diluted in ratio 1:3. The water glass is a part of the delivery. The priming will achieve unification of the absorption in case of fixed and non-uniformly absorbing spots and hardening of the foundation. The prime should be left to dry for 24 hours. Apply the first coat of the paint using a brush or a roller, the second coat is applied 24 hours later, i.e. after the first coat is hard. The third coat is recommended only for walls exposed to rough environmental conditions. During application, the temperature should not drop under +10°C or exceed +25°C. The work tools and spoiled places must be washed with water immediately after completion of work. The pain is alkaline; therefore, it is necessary to use gloves and protective glasses when working.

Transport and storage

The Product is stored and transported in original packaging; it must be protected from freezing, temperature fluctuation and direct sunlight. The storage temperature is from +5°C to +25°C (must not freeze). The product’s warranty period is 24 months from production, assuming all transport and storage conditions are met. The product is to be used non-diluted and not adjusted by thickening. It is manufactured in 121 basic shades. pursuant to the Sefab color cards, or pursuant to the sample provided by the customer.

Packing 5, 15, 25 kg

Basic technical parameters

Average consumption 0,4 - 0,6 kg/m2 for 2 coats
Water tightness 0,0 l/m2
Diffusion 0,18 m
Adhesiveness to concrete 0,8 Mpa
Adhesiveness to stucco 0,25 Mpa
Frost resistance 25 cycles
Wet wear 60 min.

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