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Interior dispersion paints


SEFAB® INTERIER is a one-component dispersion paint containing a fine grain filler, inorganic pigments, fungicide, dispersion agents and other agents to properly adjust the material characteristics.. The paint is permeable, wear resistant, washable, and non-toxic. The paint is manufactured with fine or medium grain structure with 0.35 mm grains in white color. The color shades can be picked from the Sefab color cards or pursuant to a sample supplied by the customer. The product is environmentally friendly and water soluble.


SEFAB® INTERIER is designed especially for plasterboard, lime or cement-lime interior plasters, concrete, cement-bonded particle boards and panels from lightweight materials. Lime and front old paints must be thoroughly cleaned before application, eventually washed and hardened using a priming coat of Sokrat 2802 diluted in water in ratio 1 part of Sokrat 2808 to 3 parts of water. Plasterboards can be painted directly with the paint without priming. If there are multiple layers of the lime or front paints (three or more), these layers must be removed.

Surface treating

Surface treating is performed using a roll, brush, or eventually, after adjusting the consistency (5-7 % of water) by spraying. The roll can be used to give the surface texture. The paint should be applied in two layers with 3-4 hours delay. The minimum temperature of air, material and drying must not be lower than +5°C. The consumption is 0.3 – 0.5 kg/m2 for two coats, depending on the structure roughness.

Transport and Storage

The Product is stored and transported in original packaging; it must be protected from freezing, temperature fluctuation and direct sunlight. The product’s warranty period is 24 months from production, assuming all transport and storage conditions are met.

Packing 5, 15, 25 kg

Basic technical parameters

Adhesion to plasterboard 0,2 Mpa 100% in plasterboard
Covering 1
Light reflection coefficient 0,8
Content of nonvolatile components min. 65%
Whiteness min. 90%

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